Safari Tips

Jeep Safari

  • Wear subtle colours, like khakis, browns and greens, as loud and light colours tend to distract the wildlife. You want to try and blend in with your surroundings; let the animals stand out, not you!
  • Once in the jungle, whether on foot,on a river cruise, keep conversations to a minimum. If you must, talk in hushed tones.
  • During an animal sighting, avoid sudden movements or making noise.
  • Whilst on a cruise avoid moving to one side of the boat, it may misbalance and cause harm. Nudge your fellow traveller if you need to make them aware of the bird or animal; ensure slow deliberate movements on a jeep and exchange positions if required on the cruise.
  • Keep your mobile phones on silent or switched off mode so as not to disturb other travellers.
  • As a rule, please DO NOT litter. Modern-day packaging is harmful to the environment and animals. Water bottles, sweet wrappers, etc. should be taken back with you and disposed of at the retreat and certainly not at the watchtowers or in the river while cruising. Always pay attention to your guide. Their vast knowledge of the jungle and its ways will not only keep you safe but also ensure an exciting experience.