Sustainability and Local Welfare

Waxpol Hotels and Resorts stands as a beacon of sustainability in the hospitality industry. At the heart of its operations lies a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices and local community engagement. Each of its boutique wildlife resorts, located across Central and Eastern India, is designed to harmoniously blend with the natural surroundings. This is evident from their use of locally sourced materials in decor, reflecting not just the beauty of nature but also honouring local cultures and traditions. Furthermore, their "Sustainable and Modern" ethos underscores their dedication to marrying modern amenities with conservation principles, ensuring that guests experience luxury without compromising the environment.

Riverwoods KanhaDrone
evening sky at Riverwoods Kanha - Waxpol Hotels and Resorts
Riverwoods Kanha balcony view - Waxpol Hotels and Resorts

Our dedication to sustainable practices extends beyond mere architectural design. A significant portion of Waxpol's efforts is channeled towards conservation, sustainability and eco-tourism initiatives. We prioritise the well-being of the regions we operate in, ensuring the rehabilitation and welfare of the locals. This is further highlighted by the fact that over 90% of the employees at our resorts are hired from the local community, a step that not only boosts local economies but also reinforces their belief in community-led tourism. Our waste management system is designed to minimise waste and promote recycling. We segregate our waste, with food waste being converted into compost, providing a valuable resource for our gardens. Other waste materials such as paper packaging and plastic food wrappers are sold to a kabbadiwala, promoting the circular economy, and reducing landfill waste. Our green initiatives include rainwater harvesting, indigenous plant cultivation and solar energy utilization.

A close shot of an insect flying over a leaf | The Riverwood Forest Retreat, Pench
A close shot of paddy fields in Pench | The Riverwood Forest Retreat, Pench
Riverwoods Kanha Sustainibility

Our butterfly garden offers guests a glimpse of regional biodiversity, while water saucers support local wildlife in Riverwood Forest Retreat, Dooars. Another notable sustainability initiative is the plantation of indigenous trees and fruit trees throughout the retreat's grounds. These trees not only provide a natural and serene environment but also serve as a vital food source for the local bird and animal species, promoting biodiversity and supporting the ecosystem. Waxpol's continuous endeavors in the realm of sustainability have been acknowledged and lauded at both the state and national levels, winning awards such as the certificate for being the best eco-friendly hotel in 2017.