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Waxpol Hotels and Resorts

Waxpol Hotels and Resorts boasts a collection of boutique wildlife resorts across Central and Eastern India. Our guests dive into the rich diversity of local flora, fauna, traditions and customs. Nestled in esteemed National Parks such as Sundarbans, Dooars and Pench, our eco-friendly, award-winning retreats promise memorable stays. In 2004, Sunderban Tiger Camp made its mark, pioneering wildlife tourism in Sundarbans. Subsequently, in 2008 and 2013, we introduced The Riverwood Forest Retreat in Dooars, North Bengal and Pench, Madhya Pradesh respectively, followed by our most recent addition, The Riverwood Forest Retreat, Kanha in 2023. Our operations centre on a "Sustainable and Modern" ethos.
Each resort is a unique blend of regional design, culture and ambience. We aim to deliver an intimate, unmatched experience coupled with impeccable service. Universal to all our resorts are serene natural backdrops, top-notch facilities, unparalleled service and meticulously designed rooms for utmost privacy and exclusivity. The design integrates local materials, resonating with the natural beauty and cultural essence of the area.

A wide angle view of the entrance of resort in Pench | The Riverwood Forest Retreat, Pench

Our Destinations



The Riverwoods Forest Retreat, Kanha

Located in the picturesque landscapes of Kanha in Madhya Pradesh, The Riverwood Forest Retreat beckons those with a penchant for nature and luxury. Kanha, renowned for its National Park, offers visitors a chance to dive deep into the heart of India's wildlife wonders, conveniently located midway between the Kisli and Mukki gates. From the iconic tiger to the Barasingha, the park boasts of some of India's unique flora and fauna. Alongside safaris, guests can partake in nature photography sessions, bird-watching tours and even cultural excursions to nearby villages. Our retreat in Kanha, set against this vibrant backdrop, promises a stay marked by opulence and serenity. Revel in our hospitality, indulge in delicious delights and let the symphony of nature lull you into tranquillity.

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The Riverwoods Forest Retreat, Pench


Situated at the heart of the magnificent Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, The Riverwood Forest Retreat offers an unparalleled wildlife experience. Known for its rich biodiversity, guests can embark on thrilling safaris, hoping to catch a glimpse of the majestic tiger, various deer species and an array of birdlife, Pench National Park, which was immortalized in Rudyard Kipling's classic, The Jungle Book. Beyond wildlife spotting, one can indulge in nature trails and Anthropologic tours, exploring the dense forests and serene water bodies that dot the region. Our resort in Pench serves as a tranquil oasis amidst this wilderness, where guests can relax and rejuvenate after a day of adventure. With our world-class facilities, tailored service and the promise of luxury, your stay with us is sure to be a delightful blend of thrill and comfort.



The Riverwoods Forest Retreat, Dooars

Located amidst the verdant landscapes of Dooars in West Bengal, The Riverwood Forest Retreat promises an intimate encounter with nature. This region is famed for its lush tea gardens, sprawling forests and diverse wildlife, presenting visitors with an array of activities. From engaging in nature walks and enjoying the melody of chirping birds, to indulging in guided tours of the expansive tea estates. While staying at our wildlife retreat in Dooars, guests are enveloped in luxury and comfort, ensuring a serene getaway. Our meticulous attention to detail, impeccable service and the blend of modern amenities with the locale's natural beauty ensures an unforgettable experience for all.

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Sunderban Tiger Camp

Perched on the edges of the world-famous Sundarbans, the Sunderban Tiger Camp offers a gateway to the realm of the Royal Bengal Tiger. This deltaic region, with its complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Guests can indulge in boat safaris, weaving through the mangroves, exploring the unique ecosystem and hoping to spot the elusive tiger. Additionally, village tours and cultural performances provide insights into the rich traditions of the local communities. At our camp, every guest is treated to an experience that marries the wild allure of Sundarbans with the comforts of modern hospitality. Comfortable accommodations, delectable cuisines and our unwavering commitment to service ensure that your stay is filled with cherished moments.

Our Experiences

Embarking on an exhilarating adventure through the heart of nature's finest wonders with Waxpol Hotels and Resorts. With our exceptional locations spanning Pench, Kanha National Park, Dooars, and Sunderban, each destination promises a unique and unforgettable experience. In Pench, also known as "The Land of The Jungle Book" you'll be enthralled by thrilling wildlife safaris amidst the lush forests, where the majestic tigers reign supreme alongside graceful leopards, and a symphony of avian wonders fills the air. Kanha National Park beckons with its enchanting meadows and a chance to encounter the elusive Indian wild dog Ghole, or the Indian Bison. At Dooars, the Himalayan foothills come alive with a treasure trove of biodiversity, from elephants to rhinoceros, while the Sunderban Delta entices you with its enigmatic mangrove ecosystem, where the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger lurks in the shadows. At Waxpol Hotels and Resorts, we ensure you'll not only luxuriate in impeccable hospitality but also be treated to nature's grand spectacle in its purest form, making every stay an unforgettable journey into the wild.


Cruising in STC Boats


Wildlife Cruise Safari

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Nature Walk

Chestnut Headed Bee Eater  - Waxpol Hotels and Resorts


Birdwatching Tour

Nature walk


Photography Tour

Elephants at Dooars - Waxpol Hotels and Resorts


Rhino and Elephant Safari

Sustainability and Local Welfare

Waxpol Hotels and Resorts epitomise sustainability in the hospitality sector, deeply ingrained in eco-friendly practices and community involvement. Located across Central and Eastern India, our boutique wildlife resorts harmoniously integrate with nature, using materials that reflect local culture. Our "Sustainable and Modern" philosophy seamlessly marries modernity with conservation. Our Flagship resort, Sunderban Tiger Camp, is the first government-approved jungle resort in the region and has played a vital role in pioneering sustainable wildlife tourism in the Sundarbans National Park. Our newest resort, The Riverwood Forest Retreat, Kanha is constructed using AAC bricks for the walls, which are industrial by-products, a green alternative to bricks that insulate against heat and reduce electricity requirements for the cottages and common areas. Our green initiatives include rainwater harvesting, indigenous plant cultivation and solar energy utilization. Our butterfly garden offers guests a glimpse of regional biodiversity, while water saucers support local wildlife. Committed to community upliftment, we provide hospitality training for villagers under the Hunar se Rozgaar programme and collaborate with local potters, ensuring guests experience authentic cultural immersion.


Pottery at Pachdhaar - Waxpol Hotels and Resorts
View of Migratory Birds Pond - Waxpol Hotels and Resorts