About Waxpol Hotels and Resorts

The Founder

Akanksha, born into a family of wildlife enthusiasts, developed an enduring love for forests, wildlife, and indigenous communities during her childhood travels to various national parks in India with her father, Pravir Garg, and her grandfather, Sri Purnanand Garg, the founder of Waxpol. Inspired by her wilderness adventures, Akanksha embarked on a journey to establish one of India's first sustainable tourism businesses. As the Founder and Director of Waxpol Hotels and Resorts, Akanksha has successfully blended her business acumen with a lifelong passion for sustainable practices, making a positive impact on the travel and tourism industry in India.

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Akanksha has held significant roles in various industry organizations, including serving as a Governing Council Member at the Responsible Tourism Society of India (RTSOI), being a Committee Member of the Women’s Collective within the Adventure Tour Operators of India (ATOAI), participating as a Tourism Committee member with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), acting as the Chapter President for India at the Swiss Education Group, and being a Managing Committee Member of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Eastern India (HRAEI). Her outstanding contributions to the tourism industry have earned her prestigious awards, including the World Travel Leader award, recognition as the 'Most Innovative and Promising Woman Hotelier,' and acknowledgment as one of India's Top Women Hoteliers.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Akanksha remains dedicated to social causes that promote equality and justice. She actively volunteers and supports relief organizations, particularly those focused on empowering women in underserved communities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she played a pivotal role in developing safety and sanitation guidelines for the tourism industry, benefiting organizations like ATOAI, TOFT, and RTSOI.

About the Brand

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At Waxpol Hotels and Resorts, activities are in abundance, from Tiger safaris, nature treks and cooking in the wilderness to biking, photography, bird-watching and anthropological excursions. Engage with locals during village visits, understanding their stories and traditions, or opt for relaxation with amenities like a pool table, swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, fitness hub, libraries and fishing. Younger guests aren't left out, with dedicated parks, pools and indoor/outdoor games crafted for them.

We're not just about hospitality; we're deeply committed to conservation, sustainability, eco-tourism and uplifting the local community. A testament to this is that over 90% of our staff are local hires. Our sustained efforts have garnered recognition from both State and National authorities, resulting in accolades and honors.

Join us to immerse yourself in India's breathtaking natural wonders and wildlife.