Mahua Bar - Restaurant in Kanha with a Spirited Twist

Indulge in a personalised dining experience at Mahua Bar, where a finely crafted a la carte menu awaits. Offering a tempting array of Indian, Continental and Chinese delicacies, our menu is a testament to the culinary finesse that is a hallmark of The Riverwood Forest Retreat, Kanha. The restaurant in Balaghat welcomes you to enjoy your meal in the comforting embrace of our air-conditioned indoor seating area. As the evening descends, the mellowness of our restaurant is accentuated by the clink of glasses, offering a serene yet spirited ambience for our patrons. The elegant yet relaxed setting provides the perfect ambience for an intimate meal or a hearty feast, making every dining experience at Mahua Bar a cherished memory.

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