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Waxpol Hotels and Resorts own a portfolio of boutique wildlife resorts in Central and Eastern India.  We offer guests an opportunity to experience the varied flora, fauna and the culture & customs of the regions where we are present. Our award-winning, environment friendly retreats are located in renowned National Parks like Sundarbans, Dooars and Pench. Our flagship property, Sunderban Tiger Camp, opened in 2004 and played a pivotal role in shaping wildlife tourism in the Sundarbans region. This was followed by The Riverwood Forest Retreat – Dooars in North Bengal in 2008 and The Riverwood Forest Retreat – Pench in Madhya Pradesh in 2013. The philosophy that we operate around is “Sustainable and Modern”.

Each resort is uniquely designed and reflects the local flavour and culture of the region it is located in. We offer our guests a distinctive and discreet experience, whilst providing high levels of service. Certain elements that characterise all resorts – a beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities, exceptional service and 12-21 well appointed rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy. The décor of each resort makes use of locally sourced materials, reflecting elements of the natural surroundings and the traditions of local cultures.

Guests can enjoy a variety of experiences and activities including Tiger Safaris, Nature walks, Cooking in the Wild, Biking tours, Photography tours, Bird-watching tours, Anthropological tours,  local village visits, etc. During the local village visits, guests get to interact with the villagers and learn about their history, customs and culture. If you choose not to venture out, there are different recreational options like a pool table, swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, fitness centre, books and video library and angling. For our younger guests, we have a children’s park, a children’s pool, as well as indoor and outdoor games.

As an organisation, we devote a significant amount of time and efforts towards conservation, sustainability, eco-tourism and rehabilitation and welfare of the locals. Over 90% of the employees at our resorts are locals. Over the years, our efforts have been recognised by State and National governments in the form of awards and commendations.

We invite you to stay with us and experience the abundance of natural beauty and wildlife that India has to offer.

Welcome to Waxpol Hotels & Resorts news room featuring the latest media coverage of our wildlife properties. Our resorts, camps, cruises, team members are often featured in newspapers, magazines and online and here is a selection of the most recent articles.

We hope this will help you plan your safari or river cruise with Waxpol Hotels & Resorts in Sundarban National Park, Gorumara National Park (Dooars) and Pench National Park.

Most of our individual properties also have a ‘Press’ section where you can find more articles about that property, should you wish to read more reviews before you book.

For all our resorts and camps, we also include a link to the TripAdvisor reviews, written by our guests.


Certificate of Excellence – Sunderban Tiger Camp

Quality Practice – Sunderban Tiger Camp

Quality Practice – The Riverwood Forest Retreat – Pench

Best Wildlife Resort – The Riverwood Forest Retreat – Pench

Certificate of Excellence – The Riverwood Forest Retreat – Pench

Face of the Future Award – Ms. Akanksha Garg, Director
Waxpol Hotels & Resorts – 2016

Certificate of Excellence – The Riverwood Forest Retreat – Pench

Best Wildlife Resort – Sunderban Tiger Camp

Certificate of Excellence- Sunderban Tiger Camp

Tiger Award for Ms. Akanksha Garg, Director – Waxpol Hotels & Resorts

CSR Award for Sunderban Tiger Camp

Most Promising New Destination-Sunderban Tiger Camp