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Tea Tourism

As guests drive into the Dooars region, they can see the verdant splendour of the undulating tea gardens. These tea gardens were established by the British during the colonial times. Dooars was initially established as a summer retreat but later on the region was developed as tea plantations due to the fertile land and conducive climate. The Tea industry is the main provider of employment to the locals and attracts a lot of tourists as well. This region is known for producing CTC (Crush, Tear & Curl) tea and Orthodox tea (Black and Green).

Waxpol Hotels and Resorts organise Tea Tours for their guests on request. The Tea tours will not only take guests around the luxuriant tea plantations in the Dooars region but also give them an opportunity to learn about their history and commercial importance. As part of the tour, guests can explore the Tea estates and participate in activities such as tea tasting, puffing tea leaves from the procuration to the supply of tea.

Tea factory remains closed from February  to April.

Kindly contact our reservation team about the Tea Tour itineraries at the time of booking your stay.