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Private Boat Hire

Guests, staying at the Sunderban Tiger Camp, have the option of taking private boats on hire if they do not wish to embark on the fixed itinerary boat safaris. The private cruise starts from 7am and goes on till 4pm. The main advantage is that it allows guests to chart their own course unlike a fixed departure boat safari, which has a predefined route and itinerary. It is mandatory to obtain permits to enter the Sundarban National Park from the forest department prior to starting the private cruise.

We have partnered with local boat owners to hire their boats for private cruises. These boats meet our and the local boat associations approval and are equipped with western toilets, life jackets, first aid kit, a kitchen, comfortable seating, sun and rain shade. A key benefit of hiring local boats is that it helps in terms of generating employment for the locals who currently depend on fishing and wood collection to earn their livelihood, making them less dependent on the forest

A dedicated forest guide will be hired to accompany guests for the entire cruise. Guests can contact the reception to arrange for pre-packed meals and snacks so that there is plenty of food available during the entire day. There is a small kitchen on board the boats where food can be heated and served. Beverages can also be pre-ordered and will be served during the trip. Seafood like fish, prawns, etc can be taken from the resort and prepared in a local way by the cook on board.  

Please contact our reservation staff at the time of booking or our reception staff upon check-in  about hiring a private boat during your stay.