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Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

The Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 72 kms from The Riverwood Forest Retreat-Dooars. Situated at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in Alipurduar district in West Bengal and the banks of the river Torsa, Jaldapara covers 216.51 sq. km of forest land. It was established in 1941 with the aim to protect the one-horned Indian Rhinoceros, an endangered species. It derived the status of a National Park in the year 2012. It is close to the Gorumara National Park, which is also well-known for the conservation of its rhinoceros population.


The rivers Torsa, Hollong, Malangi, Bhaluka and Chirakhawa meander through the forest, which has resulted in creating a marshy landscape. The forest area is covered mainly by tall elephant grass.


The Sanctuary is home to two of the big five wild animals – the one-horned Indian Rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger. The park holds the highest population of rhinoceros, right after the Kaziranga National Park, Assam. Other wild animals that can be found here are Elephants, Leopards, Sambar, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Wild Boars, and  Gaur. The Chilapata forest, situated nearby, acts as an elephant corridor between Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Birdwatchers can enthral themselves with the sight of avifauna like the Crested Eagle, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Jungle Fowl, Peafowl,  Peacock, Shikra, Finn’s Weaver, Partridge, and Lesser-pied Hornbill.

Reptiles like the Indian Rock Python, Monitor Lizards, freshwater Turtles, Geckos and Kraits are also found here.

Best time to visit

The park remains closed during the monsoon season (mid-June to mid-September). The ideal time to visit is from November-March.

The park organises jungle safaris and Elephant safaris.  Elephant Safaris are organised early in the morning and can be booked by guests staying at the forest lodge. The elephant safaris are rather popular as you get to tour the forest while riding elephants. There is also the option of a Jeep safari, in case you aren’t too sure about sitting atop elephants. Another way to get a complete view of the wildlife is through the watchtowers. Please contact our reservation team for booking your preferred safari.